Navigating the 8 Wastes in Higher Education Workshop

Posted: 27/04/2018

The “8 Wastes’ formula has proven to increase efficiency & standards in may fields such as manufacturing & service industries.  NOW, let’s apply this way of operating to the Higher Education sector & see what a difference we can make.

The first step to driving change in your area is being able to recognise where wastes are occuring.  Then you need some strategy & resources to help you overcome these wastes & increase your efficiency.

So, what will you get out of this learning seesion?

  • Learn how to recognise the 8 wastes in your area, and help your team to identify them too
  • Arm yourself with tips and tools to help you to tackle these wastes including resources to help you get started as soon as you get back to your desk
  • Connect with other like-minded professionals in the Higher Education sector and build up your knowledge-sharing networks

Attendees from this workshop report that they are already implementing the ideas they generated in the session, with clear tips and advice on how to make them happen. We are already hearing about their wins simply from changing their approach and thinking.

100% of the attendees said they could start reducing wastes in their area with the information provided at this workshop!

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