DVE is with you

To all our valued clients across Australia and those who are struggling right across the education sector, our message to you remains strong – we are here with you, side-by-side, to help you navigate this unprecedented crisis.

The Coronavirus outbreak took us all by surprise in January and it continues to lead us into uncharted waters. We now face the very real prospect of prolonged change and for many universities and HE providers, the rapid move to an online environment for teaching and learning activities, as well as many other processes.  DVE has over a decade of experience in the sector and has worked with 34 Australian universities and numerous private providers to deliver successful outcomes. Our clients know we deliver what they need on time and on budget, including for one client where we moved 127 courses online in 3 months – videoing, online structure, content – everything.

DVE has value for money, reliable and flexible experts, digitally ready to work with you safely and remotely. We stand together with you in this time of challenge.



As the education sector finds itself in a fast-paced environment with shorter timeframes, tighter budgets and greater competition, institutions need to increase their level of productivity, minimise costs and achieve better student outcomes and departmental growth.

DVE Solutions is a valuable partner for universities and educational institutions to overcome these challenges. By leveraging our expertise and proven methodology, you can create a sustainable, high-performance institution.

Project Management

Get your projects delivered on time and budget while eliminating lengthy delays. Our project management methodology has a 98% success rate. LEARN MORE  

Business Process Improvement

Gain a competitive advantage, save time and money while improving your service delivery with efficient business processes. LEARN MORE  

Build High Performance Teams

Deliver high quality outcomes for your students by harnessing the value of your faculty and departmental teams. LEARN MORE  

Reviews Implementation

Implement your project, systems, recommendations and ideas with confidence. Benchmark newly implemented projects and systems against industry best practices. LEARN MORE  

Who we work with

For over a decade, DVE Solutions has been a leading provider of specialised consultancy and subject matter experts for the higher education sector. We work with institutions across Australia, New Zealand and internationally to facilitate positive change. DVE Solutions has worked with over half of Australia’s universities.



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