Conference Highlights: EduTech Conference 2023

Posted: 04/09/2023
by: Danielle Gardner

DVE attended the annual EduTech Conference in Melbourne in August. This event brings Education and Technology together, with speakers, discussions, products, and services for the Higher Education, Vocational and School sectors. The clear theme over the two days was Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the role this will play in education in the future.

Whilst AI has been used in education for many years, the speed at which this technology is developing is resulting in education providers and services having to accept that this is the future and to think about how these tools can be integrated effectively into the learning experience for students.

We heard about hybrid teams, made up of AI bots and humans (including an AI Bot CEO!). We saw technology that can create courses and complete compliance checks within a matter of seconds. We heard from speakers who reassured us that humans will still play a role despite the increased use of AI across all business.

It was a really informative and fascinating experience for the team, and we are thankful that we had the opportunity to attend such a great event.

EduTech Conference