DVE’s Clinical Placement Management System (CPMS)

Posted: 29/05/2023
by: Mine Racho and Peter Calimlim

Effectively managing the various components of a student’s placement, including establishing and maintaining robust communication channels, presents significant challenges, particularly when dealing with students located in remote and rural areas. Accurately tracking a student’s whereabouts, their assigned placement, their accommodation arrangements, and travel details is often a complex endeavor that relies on disparate systems, individualised spreadsheets, and email correspondences.

The current management of clinical placements entails navigating a multitude of systems, including student management, placement allocation, and facility management systems, in addition to relying on individual spreadsheets and email exchanges. This fragmented approach adversely affects the efficiency and accuracy of information management. Furthermore, the compilation of government and statutory reports becomes arduous, requiring labour-intensive manual processes across numerous spreadsheets. Rural health schools encounter considerable obstacles in accessing data and compiling reports due to the lack of integration between these various systems and reliance on manual procedures.

DVE’s Clinical Placement Management System (CPMS) can help address these obstacles and streamline the overall management of clinical placements. By facilitating seamless communication, efficient data management, and simplified reporting processes, the CPMS offers tangible benefits to educational institutions in the realm of healthcare training and placement coordination.

Let’s delve into the key benefits that the CPMS delivers, and how it can improve institutions’ clinical placement management.

Enhanced Communication Efficiency
The CPMS leverages its communication features to facilitate seamless information sharing among stakeholders. Automated notifications keep all parties, especially students, informed about placement assignments, schedule changes, and important deadlines. This eliminates the reliance on scattered emails and ensures consistent and timely communication, even when dealing with students in remote areas.

Manage Travel, Accommodation and Subsidies
CPMS streamlines the management of travel, accommodation, and subsidies for student placements, ensuring a seamless experience for both students and administrators. CPMS simplifies the coordination of student travel, allowing administrators to input and track travel details easily. Accommodation management is also easier, with the system providing a centralised platform for assigning and managing student accommodations. Additionally, the CPMS facilitates efficient subsidy management, automating the process of disbursing financial support to eligible students.

CPMS Student Portal
CPMS includes a dedicated student portal that empowers students with easy access to essential information and easier interaction. Through the student portal, students can conveniently view their travel details, including departure and arrival times, modes of transportation, and any special instructions . They can also access information about their assigned accommodations, such as location, duration, and facility details. The portal enables students to stay informed about their placement schedule, including any changes or updates. Additionally, students can fill in forms and submit them through the workflow system, ensuring efficient processing and eliminating the need for manual paperwork. The portal also serves as a central hub for students to access important notices and announcements, keeping them updated on any relevant information related to their placements.

Centralised Data Management
With the CPMS, the days of managing data through multiple spreadsheets and disparate systems are gone. It provides a centralised repository for placement-related information, including student details, accommodation, travel arrangements, and performance records. This centralised approach enhances data accuracy, reduces duplication, and simplifies data retrieval for reporting purposes.

All-in-One Functionality
The CPMS serves as an all-in-one platform, integrating various components of clinical placement management. It is a user-friendly, cloud-based web application accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, that suits the needs of both students and administrators. It incorporates an activity calendar, to track key events, accommodation management for seamless arrangements, and reporting capabilities to generate insightful analytics. This comprehensive functionality ensures a cohesive and efficient experience for both staff/administrators and students.

Efficient Reporting and Analytics
By leveraging the CPMS’s data management capabilities, generating reports becomes effortless and efficient. The system enables easy compilation of government and statutory reports, eliminating the manual effort involved in collating data from multiple sources. Furthermore, the CPMS offers powerful analytics tools that provide valuable insights into placement performance, to enable informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

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