Why DVE ?

University and education specialists
Since 2007, the DVE team have been recognised as thought-leaders and efficiency drivers in the academic sector. DVE Founders, Dianne Van Eck and Jo Schneider, have created a consultancy that recognises the importance of systems, in delivering exceptional student outcomes.

Outcomes-focused deliverables
The DVE Methodology ensures the reduction of waste and inefficiency, while increasing operational strengths in your People, Processes, Structure and Technology. Our approach creates tangible outcomes, delivered within firm timeframes.

Fixed-fee service structure
DVE’s transparent quoting approach, ensures that you are able to budget effectively for your faculty or department projects, and identify a strong return on your investment.

Fostering a collaborative work culture
Implementing change is hard, even when staff can clearly see bottlenecks, and opportunities for improvement.  Our DVE Methodology takes a collaborative approach to improvement management, to bring you and your team along on the change journey, for healthier and lasting outcomes, optimised for your own specific department or faculty.