2020 has been a tough year.

Those in the sector have shown enormous resilience.
Solving problems, reducing bottlenecks, increasing efficiencies. Doing more with less.
The future remains uncertain.

Let’s focus on what can be achieved now.

Fast track to 2021.

We can work with you to initiate or scope projects now that deliver outcomes in 2021. Tap in, supplement your existing resources, or partner with us to deliver.

Here’s how we can help:

Accreditation and Compliance

Disruption has the potential to impact the continued quality, integrity, and timeliness of the compliance registration process. Fewer resources place an additional burden on existing staff to oversee the end-to-end process.

DVE are proven TEQSA experts with proven registration methodology and can offer complete management of the submission process, as well as quality assessments, audits and reviews of your policies and documentation.

Structural Change

Organisational restructures have been inevitable and are unlikely to ease up. A ‘top down’ approach carries a very real risk of misalignment of roles and functions with workflow processes. Fewer resources create greater knowledge gaps. Organisational knowledge is lost. Disruption and organisational restructuring brings with it great change, and a risk that processes no longer align with available resources and systems.

DVE can assist in ‘streamlining, remapping or re-aligning’ to achieve efficiency improvement, through a holistic focus on people, processes, systems, and technology. Supporting incremental step-change or wholesale redesign for back office, and/or student facing services.

Digital Transformation

The impact of the digital age in the Higher Education sector is in sharp focus through COVID-19. Disruption was both inevitable and predictable.

Leverage DVEs skillset in Lean thinking and Agile, business analysis, project management, process improvement, change management, and training and development to support your digital journey, through technology investment, systems implementation and integration, and the automation of workflows.

We have the most experienced, qualified, and diverse consultant network in Higher Education.

Let us help you.

We recently asked that question of guest panelists at our ’fireside’ chat, Professor David Lloyd, VC at University of South Australia and Professor Pascale Quester, VC at Swinburne University of Technology.

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Lean thinking for lean times.

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