Governance & Compliance Q3 2020 Update

Posted: 09/10/2020

As we move through the continued challenges of COVID-19, we are seeing many institutions – both private Higher Education Providers and Universities – adjusting their strategies and implementing changes quickly.

We have had discussions with many providers about the ‘back of mind’ aspect of ensuring that changes implemented quickly are reflected across Governance and Compliance channels effectively. This is especially pertinent as so many providers come to their re-registration periods.

While many providers have been eligible and received extended registration periods, many have not, and are entering into a significant period of risk as they attempt to juggle these changes, with preparation for their re-registration submission.

While institutions respond flexibly to the environment, compliance must be kept front of mind, and adequate resourcing assigned to manage these risks and ensure that documentation and evidence are maintained in a systemised manner so that it is accessible when required for submission.

An early approach to managing your re-registration for TEQSA may feel like a low priority during this crisis. However, we are already responding to calls from concerned Governance teams who are worrying about the processes in place for changed strategy, and how they can correctly track this for a successful re-registration.

Our team of experts are highly experienced in managing re-registrations. They are happy to have a chat any time about your institution and your current status relating to re-registration and compliance. If you would like a discuss your circumstances, call Carly on 0430 090 550 or email

Policy writing is an important part of operating your institution and staying compliant, we’ve developed a guide to help you with your policy development and updates.

Download this handy to use policy guide to make developing your policies easier.