Helping VET Providers with Compliance, Risk and Growth

Posted: 09/12/2020

by Wendy Ettridge

Despite there never being a more crucial time to improve, innovate and create positive change within the VET sector, there has also never been a time when providers are so under-resourced to deliver it.

With fewer people to do the same or increased workload it’s becoming near impossible to get the necessary projects and improvements implemented in the timeframe you need.

That is why so many VET providers have been opting for a DVE customised Capability Partnership to help with their compliance, risk and growth strategies. They appreciate the fact that they get a highly experienced instant team of project managers, VET specialists and team members that integrate seamlessly with their team for a specified time and cost – eliminating the need for multiple costly long-term hires.

Capability Partnerships are fully customised to your needs and help you:

  • Manage your compliance on an ongoing basis
  • Manage your audit process
  • Achieve a set of activities linked explicitly to KPIs
  • Meet the requirements of a strategic initiative
  • Complete business as usual activities
  • Support a set of project activities to complete specific projects

Though our help isn’t limited to that either, we can also assist with:

  • Professional development programs, including our popular 8 Wastes in VET Workshop
  • Projects and improvements implemented and delivered!
  • Compliance, audit and governance management
  • Strategic advice and planning
  • Project-based systems improvements
  • Assistance with funding opportunities
  • An online directory of Higher ED and VET Subject Matter Experts through DVE Connect

To find out more about our VET Capability Partnerships or have a chat about your organisation and where you are at call us today on 1800 870 677 or email