Higher Education Trends – More change coming

Posted: 13/12/2019

by: Jo Schneider

2019 has been an interesting year for Higher Education and 2020 is shaping up to be a year of greater change as many universities undergo significant change programs.

From what we are seeing these changes are still mostly organisational restructures, but are also more increasingly, technology innovation and system implementation.

Over the last quarter we have seen a surge in our technology and system implementation projects with more and more Higher Education clients seeing the value in the DVE approach.

Our third business stream, Governance and Assurance, is also growing due to the compliance changes within the sector, and we continue to offer valuable advice to organisations who are seeking re/registration or accreditation status.

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While a lot of this change is coming from a positive standpoint that is designed to drive an organisation forward, all change – good or bad – can create significant disruption and tension within an organisation. Particularly in an industry where we have many people suffering from change fatigue.

If you are planning on implementing change in the New Year, it is crucial to work with your local teams to address process issues (ideally before restructuring) to ensure teams are included in the change consultation activities as soon as possible. Not sure how to do this? Give us a call on 1800 870 677.