Highlights of A Successful Case Study of Timetabling System Implementation Webinar

Posted: 10/10/2023

DVE Business Solutions Higher Education Specialist, Dianne van Eck and Principal Consultant, Digital Transformation, Danielle Gardner had a chance to collaborate with TimeEdit Business Development Manager, Richie Teh, TimeEdit Director, Customer Success ANZ, Joel Czarnota together with Australian Catholic University (ACU) Academic Registrar, Dr Kathryn Blyth as they discussed the strategies for assessing an institution’s timetabling needs, the importance of a reliable system for efficient resource management, tips for smooth implementation, challenges faced and how to overcome them, best practices for a smooth transition, key outcomes and lessons learned from successful implementations.

The importance of assessing an institution’s unique timetabling needs and preparing for change which involves understanding the current structure and custom configuration required for each client, with senior implementation managers overseeing the process.

Additionally, collaboration and flexibility in designing solutions were emphasised, as well as the ability to support efficient resource management to adapt to various scenarios, to ensure that the timetabling system can adapt and grow with the institution’s changing needs.

The speakers have also shared practical tips for a smooth implementation process. Preparation is key factor, including:

  • making sure that business processes are clearly defined
  • key stakeholders and decision makers have been identified
  • plan for communication and training so the organisation and team is prepared for the new system
  • know the availability of your key stakeholders to ensure project activities are progressing
  • keep a pragmatic approach. It is important to recognise that reality of a system implementation is it doesn’t always go to plan. Approach this in a practical with a certain level of flexibility is important.

Dr Kathryn Blyth has also shared her experience working on the successful timetabling system implementation in ACU, and working with both DVE and TimeEdit. She has talked about the project team’s exceptional collaboration as they successfully implemented a the new system, addressing staff needs for flexibility and adaptability in the face of changing business demands. Despite encountering challenges and delays, the team’s commitment to robust project governance, change management, and user engagement has paid off, allowing them to achieve their objectives.

To watch the full webinar record, click below.

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