Managing and Writing Policies

All institutions know that they need relevant policies in all areas of compliance at a minimum, and they ‘should’ be reviewing policies and procedures regularly as part of continuous improvement, but how many actually do?

If you’re one of those that don’t have all your policies perfectly documented, with staff and students that engage with them, or don’t have a regular review cycle around them, then never fear, you’re not alone!

And if you’ve got an accreditation, review or registration coming up, then you probably have quite a lot of work to do. We’ve put together this handy guide for anyone who’s involved in policy writing, to make it that little bit easier to remember all the details that become important when developing policies.

    If you’re fairly comfortable with the policies you have in place, well done! Have you considered that when faced with the current challenges, and seeking innovative ways to engage students, it is important to ensure your staff base their solutions in the unique values of your institution. It may now be the time to refer to policies as more than guides, but as inspiration for your next stage of growth.

    Regardless of the reason, if you feel your policies have dated and no longer reflect your institutional values and culture, or perhaps have become rhetoric rather than drivers of practice, it may be time to review them.

    DVE Business Solutions would be happy to talk with you about creating relevant and inspirational policies no matter where you are up to contact us to make a time and we’d be more than happy to provide you with some advice to help you progress in the right direction.


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