Whether you are intending to register as an Institute of Higher Education for the first time, need to renew your registration, are looking to change provider category or are seeking course accreditation or re-accreditation, establishing and maintaining high standards in governance compliance is critical.​

DVE’s expert team collaborates with TEQSA’s experts and CRICOS specialists to provide Institutes of Higher Education and universities with the essential framework, support, resources, and expertise for a seamless registration process and other necessary registrations and accreditations.​

Leveraging DVE Business Solution’s proven Registration Methodology, you have the support to meet your objectives. We have a strong track record of successfully supporting clients through their registration process without any conditions. Our focus is on equipping you with the necessary tools, expertise, and support to achieve registration success.

Help solve your problems with DVE

  • ​​Provide a team of in-house subject matter experts and experienced Governance & Compliance staff with over 20 years of combined experience
  • Provide expertise, advice, guidance and feedback for a quality submission that’s ready in a timely and well-planned manner​
  • Prepare you to submit a best-practice body of evidence for your best chance of achieving compliance​
  • Assist in responding to conditions and offer best-practice advice to support continuous improvement and quality enhancement
  • Resource your project with dedicated and experienced staff
  • Schedule critical mock assessments and quality checks throughout your project

Our consulting services include:

  • ​Health Checks
  • Initial registrations and re-registration support
  • Policy and procedure review or development
  • Conditions, Requests for Information and Voluntary Undertakings advice and support
  • Quality Checks and Mock assessment
  • Course accreditation and re-accreditation
  • CRICOS initial registration, re-registration and reviews
  • Independent reviews of governing bodies and academic governance processes
  • Rectifications toward HESF compliance
  • Desktop benchmarking
  • Project management tools
  • Best practice compliance tools​
  • Assistance with applications for Self-Accrediting Authority and changes to Provider Category​

Other Services

Governance & Compliance

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Merger & Acquisition Support

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Teaching & Learning

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