DVE has partnered with one of the leaders in higher education technology, Ellucian, to help providers deliver solutions that improve the staff user-experience and enhance the overall student journey.​

Ellucian is the world’s leading provider of software and services that power the essential work of colleges and universities. More than 2,900 institutions in nearly 50 countries rely on Ellucian to enhance operations and enrich the student experience for over 20 million students.​

Quercus, offered by Ellucian, is a cost-effective, comprehensive student information system that optimises a higher education institutions’ operations. It simplifies administrative processes, including admissions, enrolment, and records management, while enhancing engagement through self-service portals for students, faculty, and staff. With its cloud-based architecture, Quercus streamlines student lifecycle management, enabling institutions to deliver a modern and efficient experience across various academic functions.​

Help solve your problems with Ellucian Quercus

  • Experts from both Ellucian and higher education possess the certifications, skills and best-practice experience to make sure your solutions meet and exceed your needs.​
  • With deep understanding of both the Quercus product, along with the knowledge and experience of our higher education consultants means you are positioned for continuous improvement across the organisation​.
  • Ensures seamless compliance with Australian regulatory requirements, simplifying reporting tasks like TCSI with its integrated, synchronised data and software updates, catering to both present and upcoming regulatory changes, such as those involving the TCSI API platform.
  • DVE’s proven project management methodology allows successful implementation.
  • Clear and streamlined governance framework to monitor, guide and control project progress.

Quercus configurable features include:

  • Student portal​
  • Student and course records management​
  • Integration with third party systems i.e., CRM or Finance systems​
  • Mobile access for students, faculty and staff​
  • Comprehensive regulatory reporting tool and data across the student lifecycle

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    Lifecycle Management


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    Analytics Reporting

    Analytics Reporting

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    Modern, Responsive Interface

    Modern, Responsive Interface

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    Flexible and Scaleable

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