TEQSA: Ensuring Quality in Higher Education

Posted: 14/07/2023

TEQSA is a regulatory agency that oversees higher education providers in Australia, making sure each institution that qualifies students meets certain standards. In this article, we discuss the role of TEQSA in Australian higher education and answer a few frequently asked questions about TEQSA registration.

Key Takeaways:

  • TEQSA protects students pursuing higher education, by implementing an intensive registration process, which ensures education providers deliver high-quality services and courses
  • All providers who plan to offer qualifications to students studying higher education Diploma or above must be registered with TEQSA
  • The application and renewal processes are explained on TEQSA’s website
  • Higher education institutions that need guidance with meeting government regulations can reach out to consultants, like DVE Solutions, for assistance.


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What Is TEQSA’s Role in Ensuring Quality in Higher Education?

The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) was formed to regulate Australia’s higher education sector. All education providers that award qualifications, like a higher education diploma or degree, must register with TEQSA to be authorised to  deliver higher education courses to students.  TEQSA also accredits higher education courses offered by institutions unless the institution has self-accrediting authority.

TEQSA aims to protect students by regulating higher education providers to ensure they deliver acceptable education quality and standards. The regulatory agency encourages excellence and supports diversity and innovation among Australian higher education providers.

Ensuring Higher Education Quality and Standards

TEQSA is an essential safeguard for students as its regulations ensure acceptable tertiary education quality, helping prevent students from receiving a substandard education or falling prey to fraudulent practices.

TEQSA’s oversight and enforcement of standards give higher education students the best opportunity to receive a quality education and contribute to the reputation of the Australian education system worldwide, helping the Australian higher education sector attract international students. 


TEQSA higher education standards in Australia



FAQs: Higher Education Providers and TEQSA

Compliance to the Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2021 and registration with TEQSA may seem overwhelming, but plenty of resources exist to help education providers achieve excellent tertiary education quality and meet the requirements of the quality and standards agency.

We answer a few FAQs about TEQSA higher education policies and registration below.

What Is the Application Process for TEQSA?

The application process for TEQSA is extensive, and TEQSA recommends that potential higher education providers contact them before submitting an application to ensure the applicant fully understands all instructions and the evidence required to become an education provider.

TEQSA outlines eight requirements on their website that a potential provider must meet before applying.

How Does an Organisation Renew TEQSA Registration?

TEQSA determines the length of time each registration lasts. That said, the registration of a higher education provider can never last more than seven years. Unless it’s a particular case where a different timespan has been agreed upon, renewal applications must be submitted in writing at least 180 days before registration is set to expire.

TEQSA provides guidance on registration renewal on their website, along with many other relevant resources.

What If a Provider Needs Assistance Preparing for Registration or Renewal? 

While TEQSA offers support and resources on TEQSA registration to potential education providers in Australia, it can still be a cause for concern for many higher education organisations. Sometimes, organisations need assistance understanding precisely what’s required or organising information in preparation for their application for new registration or renewal.  

If you feel overwhelmed or lacking the expertise to prepare for registration or re-registration, ,it is often beneficial to seek assistance. . Consultants like DVE Solutions have experts on staff with extensive experience working with higher education providers for years. They can provide you invaluable expertise, guidance and support throughout your registration or renewal process with TEQSA, as well as assist with navigating other government requirements and regulations.

Assistance for Australian Higher Education Providers

At DVE Solutions, we specialise in helping higher education providers comply with government policies and reach their organisational goals. Our experts have worked broadly within Australia’s higher education system, even offering helpful webinars on TEQSA registration.

Contact us at DVE Solutions to find out how we can help you.