The Role of Technology in Enhancing Clinical Placement Management

Posted: 06/09/2023
by: Mine Racho

In the constantly changing landscape of healthcare education, the role of clinical placements cannot be emphasised enough. The practical experience gained during these placements lays the foundation for the future of healthcare professionals. Yet, the intricate web of administrative work that supports the management of clinical placements poses a significant challenge. Enter technology, a transformative force that is transforming the way clinical placements are administered and coordinated.

The Complex Landscape of Clinical Placement Management

Traditionally, the management of clinical placements has been a complex task, involving numerous disjointed systems, manual spreadsheets, and an array of email exchanges. Coordinating the complicated details of student placements, including travel, accommodation, scheduling, and communication, is a challenge, especially when dealing with students situated in remote and rural areas. The siloed nature of existing systems often results in inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and a time-consuming compilation of reports. Moreover, rural health schools face additional hurdles due to a lack of integration between these systems and reliance on manual procedures.

DVE’s CPMS: A Holistic Solution

DVE’s Clinical Placement Management System (CPMS) can help support this complex landscape. By seamlessly integrating various facets of clinical placement management, the CPMS streamlines processes, enhances communication, and empowers educational institutions in healthcare training.

The CPMS (Clinical Placement Management System) improves communication among stakeholders by sending automatic updates about placement assignments, changes in schedules, and important deadlines. This reduces the need for emails, ensuring consistent communication even with remote students.

It also simplifies the management of student travel, accommodation, and subsidies. Administrators can easily input and track travel details, assign accommodations, and manage financial support for eligible students.

The CPMS includes a Student Portal where students can access important information about their placements. They can view travel details, accommodation information, and stay updated about any changes. The portal also allows students to submit forms electronically, reducing the need for manual paperwork.

Data management becomes more efficient with the CPMS, which centralises information like student details, accommodations, travel plans, and performance records. This improves data accuracy, reduces duplication, and makes reporting easier.

CPMS functions as an all-in-one platform accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. It offers features like an activity calendar, accommodation management, and reporting tools. This ensures a cohesive experience for both administrators and students.

Generating reports becomes effortless with the CPMS’s data management capabilities. It simplifies compiling government and statutory reports, saving time compared to manual data collection. Additionally, the system provides powerful analytics tools for insights into placement performance, aiding informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

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