Top Tips for Staying Compliant through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted: 01/06/2020

1. Keep an eye on your regulator’s information – and implement it

Each regulator (TEQSA, ASQA, etc.) is regularly releasing information through the COVID-19 pandemic on what institutions need to do to stay compliant. There have been an array of adjustments and flexibility in regulations, so it is critical that you are aware and can and can implement these changes quickly and reliably.

Remember too, that this information needs to be shared through your organisation. There is no point to your Compliance Manager reading the updates if the areas that need to implement the changes through your organisation don’t know about it. Ensure there is a clear channel of communication for compliance matters and changes through your organisation.

2. Keep records

It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant your activities are; if your activity touches on any of your regulatory standards, keep records of it.

Student records are one area that has been widely publicised; every staff member with a touchpoint to a student needs to know where to save their notes and files. Every conversation, email, piece of advice or question needs to be recorded. These will likely be requested during your next audit or re-registration, so make life easier for future-you!

3. Make use of your case manager – but, check websites first

If you have a concern about your activities during the COVID-19 period and want to ensure you are doing the right thing, then, by all means, contact your assigned case manager.

We would warn you though, case managers are under a lot of pressure currently, and there is fantastic information flowing across regulator websites. To keep the case managers focused on critical work during this time, be sure to read through FAQ’s, information guides, tutorials and announcements thoroughly first.

4. Use the extra time wisely

While the COVID-19 period has resulted in some organisations being snowed under and rushing to get courses online; others have found themselves with a little less pressure and some additional time before their next re-registration.

While you might be sighing with relief right now; don’t get too comfortable. How many of you were feeling very concerned about a looming re-registration deadline? If that was you, you have been given a chance to reset, re-plan, and think about your re-registration in a structured manner.

Policy writing is an important part of operating your institution and staying compliant, we’ve developed a guide to help you with your policy development and updates.

Download this handy to use policy guide to make developing your policies easier.

Give future-you the gift of extra planning time. At DVE, we can help with a health check that can inform you of the best way to utilise the next two years or so show your regulator all of the great work you have implemented.

5. Take stock and re-target

Now is a great time to think about any improvements you need to make. We see many institutions undertake focused workstreams to improve policies, procedures, process reviews, and other activities, which will see their next re-registration cycle be a breeze.

It’s a great time to get your team members busy working ON the institution, rather than IN the institution, where you can.

If you would like some more ideas on staying compliant through this period or making your re-registration easier, call us today on 1800 870 677.