Webinar Highlights: The Value of Good Governance for ESOS and CRICOS Compliance

Posted: 24/08/2023

Our recent webinar with our very own DVE Senior Consultant Emma Laurence and Emeritus Professor Robert Elliott together with English Australia Chief Executive Officer, Brett Blacker delved into changes in ESOS regulations, focusing on online study, younger students, education agents, and written agreements.

Effective Governance for ESOS Compliance

We explored the concept of good governance in ESOS compliance, stressing the importance of institutional awareness, robust policies, oversight mechanisms, and clear responsibilities. Crafting policies that align with National Code standards and fostering a culture of improvement play a pivotal role.

Ensuring Staff Understanding and Oversight

ESOS compliance involves diverse staff, emphasising onboarding, regular training, and online modules to ensure awareness of legislative obligations and code requirements. Effective reporting through matrix formats helps boards oversee compliance and assess institutional performance.

Managing Under 18 Students

Discussion revolved around changes for under 18 students, highlighting the government’s dedication to student protection. While specifics are pending, ESOS reform discussions prioritise alignment with child welfare principles.

Agent Performance Management Tips

Managing agent performance necessitates defined policies, online training, and communication. Aligning commercial objectives with ethical standards ensures compliance.

Addressing Common Gaps in Compliance

Common gaps include written agreements and agent management. Clear agreements and well-documented processes bridge these gaps effectively.

Achieving Gold Standard Practice

Gold standard compliance involves informed governance, active community engagement, and resource utilisation. Collaboration and readiness establish effective governance and alignment with registration requirements.

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