Webinar Highlights: Top 10 Lessons from the Admissions Frontline

Posted: 03/11/2022

Over the last 12 months DVE have reviewed the recruitment / admissions / enrolment processes at many Australian universities and private providers.

In our recent DVE webinar, Diane van Eck and Ian Thomson from DVE Solutions shared their expertise on the admissions process, including their top 10 tips.

Admissions webinar highlights

Please contact us if for access to view the whole webinar.

DVE’s Top 10 tips for the Admissions process

  • Be clear upfront
    1 – Have sufficient and useful pre-application information​
    2 – Build easy to use online forms that function well​
  • Be pro-active
    3 – Target students at risk Segment the student cohorts to understand their specific needs; have proactive contact ​
    4 – Maximise data and reporting; track student intakes​
  • Be consistent
    5 – Codify the entry criteria​
    6 – Automated assessment/entry criteria​
  • Communicate effectively
    7 – Ensure timely communications including a mix of excitement and steps​
    8 – Create cross organisation working groups to share knowledge regularly​
  • Have clear processes and roles
    9 – Understand roles and responsibilities across the organisation – create a surge workforce for busy times​
    10 – Effective Credit at Assessment​

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at DVE Solutions to discuss how we can work with you to maximise the outcomes from your admissions and conversion process or if you would like access to watch the full webinar.