Webinar Highlights: Why Does Wellbeing and Safety Matter on Campus?

Posted: 26/10/2022

What would you have learned if you attended the ‘Why Does Wellbeing and Safety Matter On Campus’ Webinar?

You would have learned about your legislative and regulatory responsibilities under Domain 2 of the Higher Education Standards Framework. You may already know about these responsibilities but how do you evidence your whole-of-institution approach and great work in student support and wellbeing to meet the HESF Standards?

Wellbeing and safety guidance note

The webinar focused on what your overarching framework of guiding policies could look like and listed a core set of student wellbeing and safety policies and procedures that DVE recommends to clients considering or undertaking initial registration; CRICOS registration; provider re-registration; or self-audit compliance checks.

The webinar also posed the question – how does your institution’s obligations under HESF 5.3 link into your wellbeing and safety decisions? It’s a linked Domain often overlooked in student support and welfare business units.

5.3 Monitoring, Review and Improvement

The results of regular interim monitoring, comprehensive reviews, external referencing and student feedback are used to mitigate future risks to the quality of education provided and to guide and evaluate improvements, including the use of data on student progress and success to inform admission criteria and approaches to course design, teaching, supervision, learning and academic support.


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Presenters: Melanie Duncan and Emma Laurence