Business Process Improvement


Do you want to have more efficient processes, saving time, money and quality of service delivery?

These days, institutions regularly face challenges related to poor communication, high level of waiting time, over processing and vital information of operational processes is being managed by only key team members. These obstacles represent an increase of the amount of money and time spent the universities in order to remain competitive in the sector and maintain a good quality of the service for their students.

At DVE we help you improve the efficiency of your processes, identifying wastes in your department and building effective plans to reduce them. With the combination of our team, specialists and our bottom up approach we make sure to involve and empower all the team members using process mapping and collectively establishing a plan for implementation- meaning teams see and are part of the improvements!

Are you experiencing... 

  • -Only few people knowing a key process? 
  • -Several people working on the same task?
  • -Bottlenecks that you can’t seem to get rid of?
  • -High levels of waiting time?


DVE will help you increase the efficiency of your processes and improve your daily working life by:

  • Developing faster streamlined processes with wastes eliminated and approval levels reduced.
  • Establishing clear roles and responsibilities within your team.
  • Have all processes documented and stored in a central storage location.
  • Ensure understanding of the involvement of other departments or faculties in a process.

Key Solutions within our unique approach:

  • Key process scoping
  • As Is and To Be development
  • Process mapping
  • Workflow analysis
  • Value stream mapping
  • Lean implementation
  • Process implementation
  • Full process review
  • Continuous Improvement strategies
Contact us and start reducing costs and have more efficient and effective processes at your faculty.


Our clients say

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