The Growing Need for Automated Workflows

Posted: 01/07/2020

The new normal of working from home is driving a need for automated workflows where actions are issued, and once a task is completed, the next task triggers automatically in the workstream. Managers also need increased visibility of the workflow to monitor the throughput and output of key personnel effectively.

Here are some of the current workflow frustrations and challenges the Higher Education sector is facing at the moment – and how an automated workflow would assist.

  1. You can’t casually catch up in the office to see how tasks are going. As a result, tasks need to be measured, monitored and managed and automated reminders of due dates need to be received. Reporting and dashboard analytics have become critical.
  2. Manual and spreadsheet processes and workflows are hard to control. Sharing of data and collaboration tools are becoming increasingly important. Processes and workflows need to be re-designed to take advantage of workflow, collaboration and automation tools and capabilities.
  3. Staff reductions are inevitable, so the centralisation of administrative functions is required. Again, workflow tools can streamline and make more efficient and visible these processes. Traditionally manual processes such as Credit Management and Scholarship Management need centralisation and re-design to eliminate inefficiencies and waste.

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